About Us



Multegen limited, has been operational in Kenya since inception in 2004. Multegen Limited, was initially located in Ngara Nairobi, Kenya before relocating to Weighbridge Gardens, Mlolongo along
Mombasa Road.
Multegen Limited is the company behind a wide range of leading brands in Maintenance and Power Generation, associated with Industrial Engineering in East Africa for over 15 years. Initial objectives were to import and distribute manufacturing factory parts and engineering consultancy. It has in the recent years grown to be one of the leading distributors and integrators of the most reliable power generators, welding consumables and machines, factory spares and parts, standard product items, transport and under carriage parts, and mechanical quality inspection services not only in Kenya but also in broad East and central Africa.
Multegen Limited has really grown and expanded rapidly by opening branches in Mombasa Vescon 2 in Bamburi, Arusha in Tanzania and Lusaka Zambia. These has enabled Multegen to
fulfill its core values aimed at customer satisfaction by ensuring we are near to our customers and readily available when they need us.


Multegen ltd Mission is to be the leading organization in East Africa in supply of industrial and power
equipment’s and engineering related products for sustained growth and development in the region.
Multegen Limited is dedicated to providing a first-class service exceeding customers’ expectations


To be a leading contributor in our region for provision of first-class services exceeding customers
expectation in supply of industrial and power equipment’s and engineering products for the good
of the present and future generations.


We operate through backward integration of the solution. This is achieved by listening to the
customer needs and designing solutions which are addressing specific customer needs. This
ensures that the customer gets the highest value and enhances satisfaction

What We Offer

We provide the following goods and services:

1. Welding Consumables and Equipment

a) Consumables-welding electrodes, powders, wires, fluxes, CDP plates, Casto tubes, polymers, brazing and soldering
b) Equipment-manual arch welding, TIG machines, MIG machines, Plasma cutters, Thermal spray, Oxy acetylene and spares
c)Training-Terolab (training of welders and also we offer refresher courses)

2. Industrial engineering and parts

a) Standard Products-pump and related accessories, bearings, bolts and nuts, steel plates and pipes, shafts and bushes, Teflon’s
b) Factory Spares-boiler service and maintenance, beaters, bronze/brass flats and sheets, cast iron Round bars, crane wheels and other related parts
c) Plant maintenance.

3. Power generators and parts

generator units, power installation and commissioning and panels, renewable energy solutions, LV boards and accessories, Annual maintenance contract, energy audit and survey, engine parts.

4. Engineering, Consultancy and Project Management

a) Consultancy-mechanical engineering contractors and consultants
b) Project Management-plant installation, manpower management services, fabrications, quality survey.

5. Mechanical Quality Inspection-

we deal with Destructive Testing, Non Destructive Testing (NDT), Quality Assurance, Consultancy Services, Commissioning Surveillance and PreShipment Verification

6. Trailer and parts-

brake drums, brake shoes, brake linings, rockers, hangers, slack adjusters, bushes and pins, brake camshafts, connector rods, wheel hubs, U-bolts, axle caps, silent blocks among others

At Multegen ltd, we are committed to our client’s success.

We are responsive to their needs, we adapt to their dynamic environment and most importantly we execute on our promises and commitments. For the period we have been in operation, we have served our clients effectively and efficiently that have dramatically improved our client’s business, producing results that are measurable and quantifiable.

The ability to achieve our Mission Statement rests upon five main values we have developed in order to keep us focused and live up to our commitments.

Customer Focus

Multegen limited recognizes that customers are the top priority for any business.


Provision of high standard products and services is our most important function.


We believe in an open environment of trust, honesty and sincerity by enhancing teamwork, meeting our commitments and promoting transparency.


Through ownership of our work and accepting responsibility, we make decisions that reflect our customers’ interests.


Our customers expect more value for their money, that is why we continuously generate ideas and develop new approaches in the way we do things for them.